Wednesday, August 30, 2017

SLOW CHILDREN - RCA Special Radio Series 1982 Edition Vol. XVI LP w st LP 82 w Mad About Town LP 82 w CD @256/128

REPOST Request:  First I need to apologize as these records are on the bottom of my four plastic bins of 'keeper' records (along with my prized Stiff Little Fingers vinyl I still need to do) and I still have not remastered my early rips from the early days of the blog when I was teaching myself how to rip vinyl so quality is 'iffy' (actually the WAV files sounded good).  I guess I have just been focusing on their release this year 2017 which I have included the order link at CD Baby and Pal's website if you are interested.  The CD rip of all their old stuff I got from another blog is hit or miss as the first self-titled album is at a medium bit rate MP3 (256) while the whole 'Homelife' CD is only 128 low bit rate.  So this is a post I will have to redo in time after I take all the cassettes piled high around the top bin OFF!...LOL  I think it's pretty cool that Pal is married to Jules from Jules and the Polar Bears who is also still recording good music.
Link 1 of 3 (radio):
Link 2 of 3 (my old rips):
Link 3 of 3 (CD):


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

angstytimelord said...
OH MY GOD, I love this band so, so much. I first heard them on the V/A "Blitz" album (1980, I think?) and I couldn't get "Spring in Fialta" out of my head for WEEKS. My vinyl copies of these albums have long since vanished (damn those cross-country moves!), so it's great to have this music back!

JULY 15, 2016 AT 4:17 PM
Shaughn Ziech said...
wow, good to know in addition to my request, someone else was happy to see this, thank you so much for the repost

JULY 16, 2016 AT 12:50 AM
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
I forgot to mention Slow Children have reunited and in the studio again working on a follow up album!!!!!! So psyched! And Pal assured me their 80s tension sound is intact...oh joyous day! This is one reason I started blogging! Thanks for the tips guys....that is another reason I like to blog its a big money saver and we all end up keeping the really good stuff out of landfills you guys rock!!

JULY 16, 2016 AT 10:44 AM
Kit Watson said...
The new album is out, by the way. Slow Children have been playing a few gigs, and wil be coming out to California for a handful of dates in April of 2017. Check out the Official Slow Children Page on Facebook for details.

FEBRUARY 5, 2017 AT 5:48 PM
Anonymous said...
plz repost, thank you!!

AUGUST 29, 2017 AT 7:40 AM

Anonymous said...

excellent! thanks so much!!