Thursday, July 13, 2017

HALL And OATES - Past Times Behind LP 71 72 76 w Whole Oates LP 72 w Abandoned Luncheonette LP 73 w No Goodbyes LP 73 77 w War Babies LP 74 w Hall And Oates LP 75 w Bigger Than Both Of Us LP 76 w Beauty On A Back Street LP 77 w Along The Red Lodge LP 78 w Livetime LP 78 w X-Static LP 79 w Voices LP 80 w Private Lives LP 81 w H2O LP 82 w Rock'N Soul LP 83 w Big Bam Boom LP 84

Here is a band I always used to ignore as it was my younger sister's favorite along with Donny Osmond's Deep Purple Dream, but I liked the early K-Tel Hit Parade songs so, with a another collector's opinion that their early stuff was really good, I started collecting them.  I had to fill in the two above I was missing but the rest here have some hidden gems and you can search of later stuff too.
Link 1 of 9:
Link 2 of 9:
Link 3 of 9:
Link 4 of 9:
Link 5 of 9:
Link 6 of 9:
Link 7 of 9:
Link 8 of 9:
Link 9 of 9:


Davideomusic73 said...

thank you very much: have a nice weekend:)

S.D. Joe said...

You had it right the first time, bro; definitely a Kid Sister band......

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