Monday, November 20, 2017

AZYMUTH - Cascades LP 82 w Telecommunication LP 82

Brazilian jazz funk group with many releases.  These two 1982 albums are terrific.

CHRIS DE BURGH - The Getaway LP 82 w Man On The Line LP 84

Had to hear a couple of these old tunes of my youth like 'Don't Pay The Ferryman" and more here.
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BETTiE serveert - Dust Bunnies CD 97

O.K. I know this is a Radio K winning as my old phone number is written on it by the station.  Also an old favorite disk for a while.  And here begins a mini theme of female fronted bands.

Endless Blue - st CD 04

Yep, just when other Mpls. slocore (Low, etc) were becoming a thought in the back of the mind, there were these type bands with female lead

Esthero - Breath From Another CD 98

Another female fronted band to match the mini-theme this week.  More on the trip hop edge.

FOG - Check Fraud EP 02 w Ether Teeth 2LP 03

This band features the very talented Andrew Broder.  Check Fraud song was a hit on my old youtube.


SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Must have missed this one last post of her solo stuff.

Julee Cruise - Floating Into The Night CD w The Voice Of Love CD 90

Another Minneapolis native and from the old Twin Peaks TV series you will recognize her music.  I have a tape/CD copy of the first album and this is why I am missing the song 'The Swan' which is short but could not fit on the tape at the time.
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Keith Carradine - I'm Easy LP 76 w Lost And Found LP 78 w Lost And Found LP 78

Originally got the first one as I was making my mom a mix and "I'm Easy' is her favorite song.  Hey, if it's too mellow for Mark Underground he can always just take down the link or make a complaint with blogger to have them take it down.  The rest of the songs are actually pretty good.
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Another cool band for perusal.  Let us know what you think.

sukpatch - Haulin' Grass And Smokin' Grass CD 96 w Honky-Tonk Operation CD w Twenty-Three CD 06

This Radio K 'hit band' were transplants to our Mpls. scene from Denver.  This loose beat box kind of band has a keen ear for dance hits.
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The Dollyrots - Eat My Heart Out CD 04

Another female punk band from not that long ago.

The Rolling Stones - Undercover Of The Night 12 EP 83

Even though 'Emotional Rescue' was my first album that I got for Christmas, by the time this song came out I had swore off all my record club and AOR stuff for good but I did like this so...


Putting up some old female punk bands and here is a favorite from my scene.  They played Christmas Eve in 2002 at the Anarchy Library that year I lived in Los Angeles and I bought them drinks all night long!  What a great show as I sat at the bar and sucked it all in.

the spring collection - Aquarius CD 99

Another disk won on Radio K during drive time.

TOO MUCH JOY - Son Of Sam I Am LP 88

Don't know much about this band but there are some good songs found within this album.

TUSCADERO - The Pink Album 94 w Step Into My Wiggle Room LP 95

Love this old D.C. band who were very approachable after a killer live show one time.

VA - 24 Original Happening Hits

One mint record here from the dollar sale a month or two ago.  Includes:  Tommy James And The Shandells, The Buckinghams, Neil Diamond, The Cyrkle, Mitch Ryder And Detroit Wheels, Love, Sam The Sham, J.J. Jackson, Syndicate Of Sound, The Tempos, Shop And The Limelighters, Franki Lyman, Five Americans, Bobby Hebb, Young Rascals, Sonny And Cher, The Seeds, Wilson Pickett, The Critters, Terry Knight And The Pack, The Crows and the Chantels.