Monday, August 21, 2017

PERSONAL EFFECTS - st EP 82 w Bring Out The Jazz EP 85 w Mana Fiesta LP 87

What a great art rock band with a dark side that I had never heard of before!  Well I have their other two albums on order so hang tight.
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PRAY TV - mr. spaceman EP 89 w Flux LP 91

Another pretty dang cool band from down unda!

the Booze Bros. revue - Rockin' Rhythm 'n' Booze LP 82

Some good times to be heard with this bar band.

VA - Trucker Comp's including: Roll On Big Mama LP 74 w Truckin' On LP 79 w All Ears 10 New And Original Songs With A CB Theme LP w Bluegrass Truckstop Vol 1 88

Since I had posted some earlier trucker compilations with the original artists singing the original songs, I kept with that theme and eliminated common classics that these cheap comp's had a studio band fill in where they couldn't afford to pay the big wig original writers.  Features following artists: Shirley and Squirrely, Randy Goodrum, Bob Gelotte, Ed Bernet, Johnny Hemphill, Mac Wiseman, Curtis Young, Oscar Ray, George Jones, Grandpa Jones, Claude Gray, Red Sovine, Joe Stampley, Jim and Jesse, Barbara Fairchild, Statler Brothers, Charlie Walker, Billy Walker, Charlie Rich, Carl Smith, Freddie Weller, Connie Smith, Jimmy Dean, Tommy Cash, C.W. McCall, Joe and Dale Maphis, Lester Flatt, Eddie Adcock, Stonemans, Jim Silvers, Badlands, Mac Wiseman, Osborne Brothers, Merle Travis, Heights Of Grass and Bluegrass Cardinals.
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THE MODELS - Model LP 79

SEARCH ABOVE FOR MORE and ADD ON:  Wow!  Got's to thank fervorcoulee for sending me the actual vinyl album we were missing in order for me to rip and post the digital rip for you all!  Said I could even keep the vinyl so's any of you all who want to send me stuff to rip, I will give you my address to send it to.

Valley Of The Dolls LP 67 soundtrack

Interesting dollar bin score.

AL STEWART - The Early Years 2LP 77 w Past, Present And Future LP 74 w Modern Times LP 75 w Year Of The Cat LP 76 w Time Passages LP 78 w 24 Carrots LP 80 w Russians And Americans LP 84 w Last Days Of The Century LP 88 w Live Indian Summer 2LP 81

Had to collect this one after getting the two hit albums from one of my older brothers in high school, something about how he comes off as so debonair and biting that added to my punk attitude I think.
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Friday, August 18, 2017

THE ILLUSION - st LP 69 w Together (As A Way Of Life) LP 69 w If It's So LP 70

New Better Rips:  Please note the earlier post this week of this band had a buzzing noise.  Please replace previous downloads and for the bands: Isle of Man, Friction Groove, Ball and Pivot.  I will repost and remaster also Illusion band with the female singer soon as that had some noise.  This band is true to their name having some songs having an illusion effect part of psych rock like early Floyd.
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Groceries - EP 82 w Where Are You Now? CD 79-84

I grabbed this picture from a facebook page of a band with similar name--hoping it is the same as no covers shots could be found.  A big thanks to Slidewell who posted me the links this week under comments as I had never heard this band before and they are good.
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Thursday, August 17, 2017


REPOST Request:  Mr. Crass, I apologize for not seeing your request for this last year.  I couldn't find it at the time but did find it later on with my other tape comp.'s from back in the day like Charred Remains and America's Dairyland.  As one comment said from before, 'simply one of the best U.S. hardcore comp.'s'.  See for yourself: Minutemen/J.F.A./Red Scare/Scapegoats/Mourning Noise/Battalion Of Saints/ Crucifucks/Rebel Truth/Mob/Delinquents/Betrayed/Blight/Tar Babies/Mecht Mensch/Law & Order/Radical Left/ Savage Circle/ NegativeElement/ ROTA/Suburbicide/Sacred Order/Capital Punishment/Bollocks/The End/Sin 34/Exiled


REPOST Request:  Some members from the Godfathers band.  For angel.

WIRE TRAIN - Trail Mix or Cabin Fever (No Soul No Strain Demos) w ..In A Chamber LP 84 w Between Two Worlds LP 85 w 10 Women LP 87

Posting Request:  Found this stuff online--didn't realize I didn't have any of it.  Was told to stop at 3rd album by one of the blogs so I did.  Found a handy FLAC to mp3 converter to make easy download w no real sound change.  Couldn't find any covers for the two demo albums.  Got 83 EP?
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Link 3 of 4:  LINK IS FIXED: 8-21-2017:
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Silent Running - Emotional Warfare LP 84

REPOST Request:  Another one with some old familiar and forgotten radio song from the 80s.

Shoes - 7 78 w Pre-Tense Demos 78 to 79 w Black Vinyl Shoes CD 77 w Present Tense LP 79 w Tongue Twister LP 81 w Boomerang LP 82

REPOST Request:  From Illinois.
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RUPERT HINE - Immunity LP 81 w The Wildest Wish To Fly LP 84

REPOST Request:  Phil Collins plays some keys on the first one.   Another great producer from the eighties like Bruce Woolley, Rik Ocasek, Peter Hammill, Earl Mankey, Ian Gomm, etc. he did Cafe Jacques per the comment.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pete Shelley - Sky Yen LP 80 w Homosapien LP 81 w XL1 LP 83 w 84 EP w Heaven And Sea LP 86

REPOST Request:  The version of XL-1 album has a very old computer program as last track that you could somehow play along with software to get two bonus 'DUB' tracks but luckily someone already translated the songs for you.  Thanks to Felipe at defunct ISISKP blog for that version.
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Monday, August 14, 2017


Cool sounding hard edge Industrial-type stuff but only two songs.  Difficult Music like Skinny Puppy.


Post punk kind of more dance though.
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